To Code or Not To Code? Is Dreamweaver the Best Option For You?

To Code or Not To Code? Is Dreamweaver the Best Option For You?

Considering building a website but your coding skills aren’t top notch? Dreamweaver Made Simple provides brilliant tutorials on how to make a website but there are other ways out there than just coding from scratch. Two other ways you could think about are using Joomla and WordPress. You simply install them onto your web server and
they supply an admin section to your website for putting more content on there. If you’re learning your first coding language then building a website can be very tough.
Fully understanding concepts such as syntax isn’t easy. Joomla and WordPress should be your first point of call if you don’t think you’re ready to code your first website. So as mentioned Joomla and WordPress are content management systems (CMS).

WordPress is one primarily used for blogging and has many advantages to purely coding. You can select the design you want from customizable themes with loads available to choose from. Also with a button click you can add widgets to your webpage to display your twitter feed or a list of tags you’ve put in your posts.

Another good choice is Joomla, particularly if you’re looking to do more than just blog. Joomla Templates are designed to handle more than just blog posts and you can make more advanced additions than just widgets such as integrating ecommerce systems and communication tools.

So these content management systems have a lot of pros, why use Dreamweaver?
What are the disadvantages of using these online tools? The primary one is that they don’t leave a whole lot of room for creativity and originality. The ability to shape your To Code or Not To Code? Is Dreamweaver the Best Option For You?
site in anyway you want to can only be taken advantage of when coding from scratch.

For a simple project, all the additional services WordPress and Joomla supply might not be required. Some templates are easily recognized and if the site is for a company then brand recognition needs to be an issue. A organization’s credibility could be compromised.

Personal use however, this is less of an issue. Your knowledge of coding should really influence your decision on what way to go about building your site. You need to think about exactly what your trying to make. If it’s a blog for personal purposes then WordPress is just the ticket. Joomla is excellent for company sites but you need to think about the site’s complexity. If it’s simply conveying content (text, images, etc.) then Dreamweaver might be the way forward. You don’t need a huge amount of coding knowledge to put a basic, original site together quite quickly. However if you know in advance that your site might need something as complex as an ecommerce system then you should know that this takes some seriously decent knowledge of different types of coding. Setting something along those lines up is very advanced and has to be carried out carefully as improper code can violate laws or put your website at risk from hacking. If Joomla supplies ready-made tried and tested code then it will probably be the better option. Knowing your limits is important when considering how to go about your project. Look back to the things you’ve made previously and compare them to the task you are about to undertake to establish the best way to go. There are great benefits to coding from scratch but it can be time consuming and difficult. Be sure you’ve researched all the options available to you before starting your project.

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