The Hiphop – Now and Then

The Hiphop – Now and Then

The Hiphop of 1970s and 80s is far different from what we hear today. This style of music has seen major evolution and metamorphosis. With more and more mainstream recognition, the real hiphop is slowly getting extinct. But there are still some, who care not for money and fame, but for the real music and its spirit!

Though there are many who haven’t been able to make it to the top, their style and talent is still appreciated for their sheer genius while some may be on the top of the pile, but we just don’t know how! To each, his own. With an opinionated overview, brings you some of the best rappers today (in no particular order).

The Texas born newcomer Kydd is a breeze of fresh air in this chaos of rap adulteration. He travels beyond the borders of Alternative Rock, R&B and rap genres into Experimental Hiphop. His style is “uniquely Kydd’s.” Kydd’s hit single “Hi Hater (Hello)” is the latest craze universally.

Hitchcock has hit the streets recently with his new mixtape H20 Chapter 1 Enbalming Fluid and it is dope stuff all right! He also featured on EddMaster’s ‘Round and Round’ remix with Rah Eazy and Hov Dibiasi. He will make a great name for sure.

An all rounder, encompassing Photography, Illustration, and Short stories, Daniel Joseph has become the favourite debut artist of many and his debut album “Pretty/Ugly” saw the top position in many ‘Top 10’ lists. He has worked with hiphop greats like Jay-Z for “BP3” and Raekwon the Chef for “OB4CL2. Daniel’s ‘Pretty/Ugly’ with Akai Pros has been applauded for its solid rhyme and the boys heading in the right direction. He gives a variety of content to indulge in, and makes music dedicated to those with an appreciation for going against the grain and above the bar. It is refreshing to have an album that doesn’t fall victim to the mainstream topics of swag, money, guns and girls.

The last hit of Sol Zalez was his ‘Patent’ ft. Daniel Joseph off his EP Negative Feedback. The Newark NJ guy Sol Zalez is the most innovative Hip Hop recording artist stirring up the underground circuit. With his debut Kolture Konserving in 2002, he has entranced the crowds with his witty lines and highly energizing performance.

Starting his hiphop journey at the age of 11 from the jungle of Brick City Newark, Phace made his own Dark Force Squadron consisting 6 members in 1998 and became a member of No Name Society in 2010. Phace is affiliated with Mv Sounds, Potential Mindz Deprived, and Graffiti Terrorists. Phace also can be connected to: Wu-Tang Clan, Gilla House, Pyrobots, Lo-lives. His two independent albums, “P.H.A.C.E.L.E.S.S.S” (2002) and follow up “Phlozart” in (2007) were well received. He has also collaborated with greats like Bishop Lamont, El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Daniel Joseph (Forbidden Chapters/Bullymouth), Mangani (Wu-Tang Latino) and many more.

Harlems versatile rapper A.K’s first project Zombieland is a hit with all those great dance songs bringing something new to the streets and for da people! Zombieland, more than a mixtape, is a message about the people and their issues. A.K stated that there is a lot of stuff going on in the industry and on the streets, which people turn a blind eye to, and so A.K brings out the truth, in a different perspective. An honest artist he is.

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