Simple Steps to Care and Maintain Your Bonsai

Simple Steps to Care and Maintain Your Bonsai

The bonsai is one of the most popular decorative indoor plants. It is also very easy to maintain which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. However, the plant still needs proper care so that it can remain healthy and thrive in its usual manner.

Let’s see como cuidar de bonsaiHere is what you can do to make sure that this bonsai is well tended to:

Step 1: Place it at an appropriate spot.

The Chinese elm needs a warm location. So, it can be placed near the window where it can get sufficient sunlight but at an angle that it does not overheat.

Step 2: Ensure that there is proper air circulation in the room.

While cold drafts can cause damage to this plant, placing it in a well ventilated room is important to keep its leaves from turning yellow. There should be a proper balance between sunlight, shade, temperature and air.

Step 3: Start watering it regularly.

This plant is known to absorb all the moisture from the soil pretty fast. So, you have to water it every day and during hot months, even twice a day. Misting the leaves once a week is also recommended.

Step 4: Do not under-estimate the benefits of fertilizing.

When the plant starts to grow new leaves, it is the ideal time to start fertilizing it. Be specific about fertilizers that are meant only for this species and follow the instructions on the package.

Step 5: Be careful about pests.

Indoor plants too can be attacked by several insects. Using a natural pest repellent should work well this bonsai. You should also keep the pot and the plant clean so that it does not attract dust mites or any vermin.

Step 6: Watch out for infections.

In addition to pest menace, the bonsai can be infected with fungus or disease. If you suspect any signs, you should consult an expert.

Step 7: Start pruning like an expert.

You should only use a special bonsai branch cutter when trimming the branches or removing any dead leaves or foliage around the roots. Also, you must take care to keep the soil clear of dead leaves. Shoots should only be trimmed back to one or two nodes. Pruning should be ideally carried on when the tree starts to lose its shape.

Step 8: Be alert regarding weeds.

Weeds can eat into the bonsai’s sustenance, weakening it over time. This would ultimately lead to the plant’s poor health. So, keep the roots clear of weeds and root-suckers.

First of all, soil composition is one of the most integral elements of growing bonsai trees. Bonsai enthusiasts have for ages, debated on the composition of soil conducive to the plants’ growth. To make things easy, bonsai soil of variable composition is now available in garden centers.

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