Patent – Do not Be Stolen

Patent – Do not Be Stolen

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has systems to help the novice inventor. Anyone with a computer can research, compose and file patent applications from the comfort of your home. Filing a patent has become an effort that anyone can try.

With ease of access to patent databases, many companies offering patent services have emerged in the last ten years. These companies offer a range of services, from preliminary patent research to the filing of an actual patent application (RPA). The fees associated with each service vary from company to company and can range from $ 249 for a preliminary patent search, up to $ 10,000 for an entire patent application. You can get more info from

If you conduct a query on any search engine, you will be inundated with hundreds of thousands of ads and dozens of sales copies, offering many different services. Sometimes it is difficult to filter out what is pertinent of what is useless verbiage. If you are not careful, it is easy to be discouraged by the immense amount of information you need to digest.

It is important to understand that all services found online can be carried out by yourself without incurring large fees in the process. Patent searches, which are usually advertised for $ 1,000 or less, can be carried out by yourself for a fraction of what these companies charge. Often, patent research is performed by an individual who is not qualified for this. They only use services that are equally available to you, but they charge you for it.

It was after my first experience in patents that I learned how much these companies offer patent services. I spent over $ 10,000 of investor capital only to find out that the company was a scam. To my surprise, this type of fraud runs rampant within the patent community and harms thousands of inventors every year, just as it crippled me.

There was no need to lose that money! There was no need to involve investors. I was just ignorant of the patent process. I did not know where to look or how easy it was to patent on my own.

In conclusion, when you have an idea of invention, do not look beyond your mirror. The reflection you see is the most qualified person to manage your own patent application. There are many companies that offer many services to inventors and you can read more about it from Be careful who you trust your invention with.

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