How to know your baby gender?

How to know your baby gender?

The amount of time needed for the scan varies in relation to the study to be performed. To determine the fetus gender rarely takes more than 5 minutes, while reviewing the development of your pregnancy may take about half an hour. It is not true either that what you are seeing on the screen is a deteriorated condition of your body. Only a doctor, radiographer or sonographer is able to understand the ultrasound waves so if you see them unclear that is not sign of something wrong.

Anxiety is often present after your baby ultrasound scan, because results are immediate, but it might take some time before your doctor or any other specialist from 3d baby ultrasound clinic can analyze the scan to let you know what the ultrasound is revealing, whether your baby’s sex or a pregnancy condition to be treated or prevented. When it comes to determining the baby’s gender, the baby’s position of the nub will tell you the gender, and people refer to this method as a nub theory for┬ádetermining the unborn sex.

The procedure itself is painless, but in order to obtain the best image possible, mild discomfort might occur from some pressure or angling in an unusual direction. A gel-like substance is applied to the skin surface so that the transducer will have better contact; the gel might be slightly cold but it will not be painful. For some ob and gynecological exams, it may be necessary to place the transducer inside the vagina, however most women do not find this uncomfortable. In the case of a prostate exam, a transducer is inserted into the rectum; this will not cause any more discomfort than a normal rectal examination.

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