How To Find The Right Matching Tattoos

How To Find The Right Matching Tattoos

In the search for great matching tattoos for you and your friend or the quest for unique couple tattoos for you and partner, the exciting process may turn into a tedious nightmare as you go through the thousands of designs available in online galleries or catalogs.

To point you in a right direction you should visit as they will give you the best shot on finding your very cool and very unique tattoo design for you and your loved one. Outlined below are some practical steps to help you sift through the heap of patterns and images to get the ideal design that will get stamped on your skin, permanently.

Talk things over

At least you have decided on one thing – getting a tattoo with a friend or loved one. This means you can bounce ideas off of each other. Before anything else though, it is best if the both of you settle on why you want to get the tattoo and what you want it to mean. Once these two questions are out of the way, finding a design will be much easier.

Take time to talk about the bond you share or the things you have in common. Do you have a special memory you want to remember forever or a symbol that represents your relationship? If you can answer this then you may have just come up with a very meaningful design exclusive to the both of you.

Getting matching tattoos may be tricky if your personalities differ but remember it may be these very differences that brought you together in the first place. Maybe you could get opposite designs like a sun and moon or a yin yang to stand for your unlikely union. Complementary couple tattoos like girl-boy images or a key and lock tattoo may also work.

Size matters

Once you decide on a design, ask yourselves how big you want the image to be. Do you want something discrete and easy to hide or something that you can showcase to the masses? The size you prefer will determine the intricacy of the design and the amount of detail it can show. It will also determine the cost of your tattoo.

To color or not to color?

Once you have a design in mind, choose whether or not you want it to be colored. Some designs are best left plain black and many times, simple chic designs can be as impressive as (or even more than) its colored counterparts. Black or plain tints also have higher chances of making the design unisex, this is especially important if you have chosen an identical image to be inked in the both of you.

Remember that the colors may brighten or dim based on your skin tone so look through pictures of plain and colored tattoos on different people and see which one suits your skin color. Also bear in mind that your tattoo will eventually fade. Bright shades will faint and heavy black ink will turn dark grey or brown, depending on the type of ink used. You can ask your tattoo artist for more advice on this one.

Placement rules

Where the tattoo goes is almost as important as the design you chose. Getting a tattoo may be fun and exciting especially when you are young and carefree but take your future into account. Will the placement of your tattoo affect your gainful employment? Will it impinge on any opportunities you may have coming your way?

If you are stable and old enough to get a tattoo placed wherever you please, the least you can do is ask people you’re close to whether the tattoo looks ok – or if it is an eye sore that makes them want to wash you off with bleach.

Though the tattoo is an expression of self, remember you do not live in the world alone, especially if you have images on you that may be offensive to others.

Meet your tattoo artist and screen his shop

With the tattoo design on hand, go and scout for a good tattoo artist. A tattoo artist should be skilled enough to give you the design you want with as much detail you request. If he seems hesitant or doesn’t seem like he can deliver, leave. Simple as that.

Lastly, when you go shop-hopping, check whether they have safety certificates and follow hygienic practices. The last thing you want to get with your tattoo is a disease. So be careful and think before you ink!

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