How to create many email accounts without a phone?

How to create many email accounts without a phone?

Sending your promotional emails including newsletter or public mailers to your clients and potential customers is an important part of your customer relationship management. Regardless of the nature of your online business, you are supposed to have bonafide the email accounts and thus you sell them over bigger sites including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail. In order to do this, you need multiple email addresses, which is not available for free. As you know it is limited to two only for one phone number by the Google. Hence the only option you have is to buy gmail accounts and make things better for you. These are often available in packages, which you need to choose as per your online business promotion activities. Hence make sure you choose the right one and enjoy the benefits.

These days with the popularity of social media platforms, the idea of marketing and promoting businesses online has become too visible practise in market. Promoting and marketing your brand and getting your target audience over the social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other sites have become the part and parcel of online marketing strategies. If you have gmail phone verified accounts at place, you can simply enjoy promoting and marketing your brands the right way. But you would need a new phone number in order to make a new phone verified gmail account or yahoo or what ever service provider you choose. To get you phone verified you need to be able to receive the SMS which contains your activation code. Well you don’t need to buy tones of phone numbers to be able to that. There are┬áDisposable Phone Number services out there which are there for you to receive SMS online, and successfully complete the SMS verification.

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