Hiring attorney for preparation and filing of a U.S. patent application

Hiring attorney for preparation and filing of a U.S. patent application

Patent applications when granted are typically examined and issued in a period of about 24 to 36 months after filing. This process can be much faster if your patent application is written in extremely narrow language, but such language can greatly limit your patent rights. Ordinarily, it is favored patent practice to seek broad protection over a longer period. Before your patent issues, it may be advantageous to file a continuation application to pursue additional claims.

Attorney fees for preparation and filing of a U.S. patent application average about $6,500.00. Actual cost will depend upon the overall difficulty of preparing your application. You will be provided a firm estimate before work commences. Once you approve budget and provide a suitable retainer, work can commence. Costs tend to be lower than average for applications involving only simple, readily described subject matter. For example, applications in the mechanical arts tend to cost less than complex applications in the electrical arts, computer arts, biotechnology arts, and chemical arts and you can find more detailed info on https://www.advfn.com/newspaper/advfnnews/49381/get-your-business-started-with-inventhelp.

Government fees for filing a U.S. patent application begin at $515.00 for a small entity. Before issuance of a patent, typically in about 24 to 36 months after filing an application, a small entity issue fee of $720.00 is due. However, please remember that issuance of a patent is not guaranteed. Statistics explaining the rate of issuance of patents are available at the website of the U.S. Patent Office (www.uspto.gov). For example, issue rates for some areas of technology are as low as about 20% of filed applications. Additional fees, called maintenance fees, are due 3.5, 7.5 and 11.5 years after issuance of each patent.

While a patent application is pending in the U.S. Patent Office, applicants typically receive a series of correspondence, frequently in the form of Official Actions rejecting the patent application. It is necessary for the applicant to provide an adequate written, timely response to each rejection in order to avoid abandonment of the patent application. Typically, attorney fees for preparation and filing responses range from $1500.00 and up, per response. Again, there is no guarantee that a patent will, in fact, be issued. There may also be a need to engage in certain appeal processes, or to file continuation applications. Fees for appeals are typically set by negotiation. Continuation applications are similar in cost to original applications. Find more useful information at https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/thoughtster/the-best-ways-to-patent-and-protect-your-invention-ideas/ too.

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