Features Of The Best Video Baby Monitor

Features Of The Best Video Baby Monitor

Features Of The Best Video Baby Monitor

While tending to your baby, you need to understand that you will be sacrificing a number of hours of your life. The reason is simple; there are so many things to teach your baby, right from potty training to eating. So, what do you do to ensure that you can keep a track of your baby in your otherwise busy life?

Having a baby monitor:

Prospective parents have baby video monitors on their shopping list. However, with the variety of baby monitors available in the market, they need to know about the best features of the baby video monitorsĀ and here is a list with what all one needs to look for while choosing the best baby video monitor.

Video monitor uses:

The common baby monitors work like the walkie-talkies where there is a camera fit at the base station. However, the newer versions have the technology which works in sync with the iPhone or iPods. The Wi-Fi video camera is the most advanced one which will let you watch your baby from anywhere in the world.

The image quality:

Check the size and quality of the image displayed by the baby monitors which otherwise would not solve the sole purpose. The cost of the monitor and its grain quality varies with the quality.

Features Of The Best Video Baby Monitor

Check for the audio clarity:

Although the entire focus is on video, you must have a check on the sound clarity which will help you to keep a tab on the baby. The built in sound activation helps in featuring better results. The best digital signal from the audio helps to eliminate the static which is a common problem for many low-end monitors.

Take the open eye test:

The best digital video baby monitor should work even during the night with the black and white viewing of the baby. Take the open eye test which if reveals the baby’s eye clearly is the sign of a great monitor.

Check the mobility:

The baby, till its six month of age, will move about in his cot. It’s normal; babies do move around a lot, and you need to encourage the baby to do so. However, with movement comes the risk of the baby falling or hurting itself. This is why the monitor should have the feature to pan, zoom and tilt so that you can check the baby’s position from every angle. With the increased range of viewing, you can be rest assured about the baby’s movement.

Multiple cameras for twins:

The best baby video monitors have the two-way conversational technology which will help you to talk with your babies from anywhere in the world. Some cameras can be placed in different angles strategically to get the entire coverage. This is especially helpful for more than one kid.

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