Father’s Day Baking Ideas

Father’s Day Baking Ideas

It’s Father’s Day, how about baking something for your father with love? I’ve found great recipes to help your dad know that you care. These unique and cute ideas for Father’s Day are just what the dad needs. These are all tried and proven baked comfort foods, take one that your father will love.

Golf Cake – Does your father love to hit golf courses? If so this is the real treat for your father on Father’s Day. It will take some time to make it, but it is very easy to bake. You will need a lot of green dye for the grass, brown sugar for the sand traps.

Baseball Cupcakes – Is your dad a sports nut? Then you should make baseball cupcakes. Use licorice to make the stitching on baseballs and sign it in dark colored frosting. It’ll be a home run with Dad.

Shirt cake – This recipe for Father’s Day Bake will definitely make Dad happy. Make this shirt cake with a tie and let Dad know exactly how you feel about him. Make it easier with a shirt box and a little colored frosting. Your dad will love it.

Potato cake – This is a fun and clever way to explain how you feel about Dad, and let him know how exceptional you think he is. You will need a circular shape and a square to produce the letters. The children will love helping to decorate the letters to make it peculiar to potatoes.

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