Facial Rejuvenation – From Over the Counter to Lifts

Facial Rejuvenation – From Over the Counter to Lifts

We’ve all heard the commercials about the signs of aging. Well they are very true and nothing shows our age more than our face. It’s out there taking all the abuse from the sun, the smoke and the pollution, it’s no wonder it ages first. But with the variety of facial rejuvenation options available you can start fighting back.

There are lots of ways to determine someone’s age without flat out asking them. Probably the biggest culprit in the age definition game is the face. As awful as it sounds your face can age you by years if you’re not careful. There is hope and good news. There are several ways to combat aging. These ways are called facial rejuvenation.

To be able to use facial rejuvenation you must first have to understand what ages you. Pollution, free radicals, improper skincare poor diet, and smoking are just some of the problems that can make you look years older. To combat the “signs of aging” appropriately you first need to think about what is aging you. You can’t choose the right treatment if you don’t know what it is that caused it. To counter act, you must take your time.

There are many different methods of facial rejuvenation. There is over the counter treatments made to stop many skin care problems. These treatments might be something like special moisturizers or vitamins. You can also use exfoliates to help rid your face of the dead skin cells and allow the new skins cells to the surface. These new cells absorb and retain moisture better.

Of course facial rejuvenation can be found in the way of facial lift. This of course is probably the most drastic road to go but it can help especially if you’ve tried other things and are not satisfied with the results. By removing excess skin and tightening areas you can look anywhere from ten to fifteen years younger than before you had the lift performed.

Not everyone is ready to take that leap though to have a lift performed. There are many other ways that a certified physician can breathe new life into your face. There are skin resurfacing treatments such as micordermabrasion and chemical peels that can improve the appearance of fine lines. These types of procedures can also reduce pore sizes, and reduce the appearance of freckles and dry spots. There are even ways to remove scars that aging may cause.

Whichever method of facial rejuvenation you choose to pursue be sure to consult a certified physician before you try it. If you choose anything other than an over the counter product to treat your wrinkles it should only be performed under his care. If you want an over the counter product your physician can recommend the best product for you.

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