Different Types of Rentals

Different Types of Rentals

Tired of renting the same old apartment homes. If you live in a major metropolitan area like Dallas or Houston you will have some options to consider. After all there has been a lot of changes in regards to apartment homes and many actual boast features and amenities that you cannot receive in custom homes. We at Rebuia.com have put together a list of what kind of rentals you may find that exist today. Get the right apartment rental for you today.


Many newer apartment communities now dedicate a portion of their units towards a town-home style. This normally means larger square footage, a small yard, and multiple floors. This style of rentals have really picked up some steam as of late and renters have show a desire to spend more of their income on these rentals.


Loft style apartment homes once used to be reserved for musicians and artists. Usually located in a downtown area, lofts are usually appointed with high ceilings, large open spaces, and large windows that show a downtown view. Apartment developers are building soft loft apartment homes now that have multiple rooms. They come in all different forms. And now lofts are even being built in suburban areas of major cities.

Interiors usually come with non-carpeted flooring including wood and concrete.

Corporate Apartments

Have you thought about renting an apartment home that is fully furnished and can be rented on a month to month basis. These apartments are usually reserved for executives you need it on a short term basis. And usually these apartment are located in trendy high rise apartment buildings, lofts, and other gated communities.

Also they usually come fully furnished complete with cable, Internet, and phone services too. These types of units are for those who don’t know how long they will be renting and may need to change their living situation soon.

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