Benefits of Moscow Mule Mugs

Benefits of Moscow Mule Mugs

What is Moscow Mule Mug

Copper has been used by numerous ancient civilizations in many ways, but the most beneficial one is for sure the water purifying. Ever since we discovered copper purifies the water we started to use it for all kinds of beverages as well. As the time passed the Moscow Mule cocktail has been created. With the creation of this cocktail the famous Moscow Mule Mugs were created too. And up until now, we are still using the same Moscow Mule Mugs for our cocktails, but as the cocktail become popular worldwide so the demand got high. And with huge demand comes big production and now there are many manufacturers of Moscow Mule Mugs. You should educate yourself first about copper and these mugs before buying since there are a lot of poor quality Moscow Mule Mugs out there and some are not even made of copper. You should read the MMM review given by as they are the authority when it comes to Moscow Mule Mugs. Copper has many other benefits for humans and below are few.

Water store in Moscow Mule Mugs is anti-microbial

The water stored for 16 hours at room temperature reduces harmful microorganisms according to the study published in Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 2012. Thus copper has the anti-microbial effect and purifies the drinking water in a miraculous way.

A study from South Carolina researchers found that copper has purifying power and that is used in ICU in the hospitals kills 97% of harmful bacteria that cause infections. Thus the disease causing has been reduced to 40% to an extent. The rooms with tamba presence are found to be less infectious than rooms without copper.

Drinking water in copper Moscow Mule Mugs stimulates brain

The impulses are being transmitted from one neuron to other through an area known as synapses in the brain. Myelin sheath which acts as conductive agent covers the neuron and helps in impulse flow. Myelin sheaths will be formed by the synthesis of phospholipids and tamba helps in synthesis of phospholipids. This makes your brain much efficient and faster. Also, copper helps in preventing seizures too.

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