3 Clean Energy Options for a Better Tomorrow

3 Clean Energy Options for a Better Tomorrow

Eco friendly clean energy options are growing in importance as an increasing number of experts look for better ways to a sustainable tomorrow. In this article we talk about three such clean energy options and how you can make use of them.

Solar Energy

Perhaps the most commonly accessible today is solar energy. With a growing number of organizations harnessing its power effectively, solar energy installations are today easier to access. Used for heating or lighting homes, this is even commonly used for heating water appliances and even cooling homes.

Wind Energy

Used since ages to run mechanical pumps and help ships to sail in the oceans, today many countries are harnessing its power to generate electricity also. Large turbines, wind mills and even pumps are used to harness wind energy and channelize it into the electric power transmission network. While wind energy remains consistent through the year, main issues arise over shorter timeframes, when the wind speeds fluctuate, causing a change in power generation.

Water Power or Hydro electricity

Countries that are rich in water resources can benefit from the water travelling downstream. Water power is generated using turbines and generators that store the electricity and then use it for providing power to homes, offices and commercial establishments also. Usually, power generated from the water resources is channelized into the main network, from where it gets distributed.

Solar energy, wind power and water power are just three of the varied renewable sources of energy we have, but there are many more and you can find a lot of renewable energy information online. Experts across nations are also working on sources like biomass and ocean energy to generate power. These alternate energy sources are tomorrows hope, as they give us options of what to do when we run out of our non-renewable energy sources. Making the switch today is useful to ensure that your tomorrow is both eco friendly and sustainable.

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